Provide alternatives for dangerous behavior

Provide alternatives for dangerous behavior. If your child wants to jump on the bed, try placing a mattress on the floor instead. If there’s no room for running inside, organize races in the backyard. When you can’t keep a little climber off the kitchen table, it may be time for a visit to a jungle … Read more

True Toddler Tales “My Toddler Gets into Everything!”

Call him “Joe On-the-Go.” From morning to night (luckily punctuated by a few all- important naps), Joseph Arthur Anderson keeps his parents, Patricia and Larry, on the alert. “He’s always been curious, but once he started walking at 13 months, his explorations increased exponentially,” says Patti, who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. Their basic strategy is … Read more

Budding Sexuality – Guide to Your Toddler

Your Growing Toddler (Chapper1): Physical Development: HOT TOPIC: Budding Sexuality Nose, eyes, ears, belly button—toddlers love to learn the names of things. So expect your child to ask what her genitals are called. Out of surprise or embarrassment, parents often are tempted to use made-up names or to ignore the subject altogether. Most experts advise … Read more

Milestone – Guide to Your Toddler

Your Growing Toddler (Chapper1): Physical Development FIRST SHOES (12 months) Shoes protect a beginning walker’s feet when it’s not possible to go barefooted. So choose your child’s first pair soon after the first steps. The most important feature is flexibility, to allow normal foot motion. Quick test: Try to bend a shoe in the middle— … Read more

When Do Baby Teeth Appear?

Physical Development – Your Growing Toddler (Chapter 1) From start to finish, it takes two to three years for all twenty baby teeth to appear. TYPES OF TEETH HOW MANY WHEN THEY TYPICALLY ARRIVE A child may measure in the 75th percentile in height or weight at one checkup, but in the median range a … Read more

From Baby to Toddler

Physical Development – Your Growing Toddler (Chapter 1) Once your baby learns to pull up and walk (or “toddle”), the world will never look the same to her. Nor will she look the same to you. The snapshot you take on her first birthday will show a round-cheeked plumpkin whose rubbery legs dangle from the … Read more